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Project 745 by MrAverage Project 745 by MrAverage
This one I did as a nod to my Russian readers (one of whom does the interpretation of the Russian language in my comic), who have pretty well dismissed the concept of gigantic robotic tanks. Don't get me wrong, they all have been perfectly willing to accept the idea of a giant tank as a main character, they just scoff a little at the idea of it, on principle.

So I came at the Russians' military robots from a different angle. Where the West, in my story, have been building big and impressive machines like superheavy tanks, the Russians have opted for smaller, more numerous, and more maneuverable robots, like this one, which is basically a heavy infantry combatant. I really liked the design of this one, though it could use some tweaking. But, hell, it's just a concept. And a big robotic walker like this is just a fun sci-fi idea.

The project number, by the way, I got from the clock: it was 7:45 PM when I started the sketch.
MTT3008 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013
I am just asking myself...what sort of energy source do they have? Guess not nuclear, but what then?
MrAverage Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Professional Artist
They use a system called (in the 6-Commando universe) RATEC (pronounced RAY-TEC), which stands for Radioatomic Thermoelectric Coupling. It's a heavily shielded core of radioactive material that heats up two dissimilar alloys that produce electrical charge as a result of the Seeback Effect. The RATEC unit the Proyekt-745 uses is a Uranium-235 unit called "BATr-53/57," which generates about 2MW of power, enough to sustain the robot at high activity for a long time, but not enough to support high-energy weaponry like lasers or railguns.

MTT3008 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013
Ah, is this similar like a radioisotope thermoelectric generator?

Gods, I wished you would do one day some sort comparison where they are ahead of us in terms of Technology and where are we ahead of. ^^ ;-)
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